Friday, October 19, 2012

Taken By Passion Is Now Available

Yes, my lovelies, the games have officially begun! The fun ones with cuffs and whips and butt plugs from which a sub will get a charge!

Taken By Passion, Book 3 of the Secrets series has been uploaded to various retailers and distributors. Alas, I cannot tell you exactly when it will be available at a particular site. However, I will update this entry and the SECRETS page as I get the notices.

I can tell you this story is much longer than Alicia's or Micki's. Maybe because I had so much fun devising the kinky tortures inflicted on poor Diana.

Four friends. Four secrets. One dare.

After her sister's sexuality ripped their family apart when they were teens, Diana Traynor has kept a tight rein on her own desires—so tight that her fiancĂ© left her for being a cold fish in bed.

Since the vanilla life didn’t work and her friend Alicia dares her to find some freaky sex, Diana accepts the invitation of a married couple. Her repressed needs find life in their bondage and domination games. When her new friends bring in their old playmate Daniel for a weekend foursome, Diana can accept the fact that she'd even less conventional than her sister.

But can she accept that she’s developing feelings for Daniel that go beyond those between a dominant and a submissive?

***Warning! This story is meant for readers 18 years of age and over. It contains scenes of bondage, domination, use of toys, forced sex and pretty much any combination of sex act between two men and two women a reader could want.

Novella, approximately 41,000 words or 137 printed pages

Now Available from the following retailers:
Amazon UK
Barnes & Noble

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