Tuesday, February 21, 2012

When Retail Is Educational and Fun

Ten years ago, I worked at an adult boutique. Of course, our customers covered a wide range of of tastes and lifestyles. That didn't surprise me.

What did was the essential cluelessness of some of my co-workers.

It was the new girl's second week when one of our regulars came in. He asked me if any new lines of lingerie had come in since his last visit. New Girl jumped in and offered to help him.

Now, we didn't get commissions, but obviously New Girl felt the need to prove herself.

Our customer made his selections and asked for a couple of other items. And despite his requests, New Girl is still not putting two and two together. She offers to gift wrap the lingerie and other accessories for his wife.

Luckily, this customer is a total gentlemen and politely declined.

New Girl offers again. I lean over and whisper to her, "He doesn't want them wrapped. Let it go."

But, no, New Girl has to prove she's a better salesperson than me. She asks once again about gift wrapping the  items for his wife. At this point, our customer smiles and says, "Honey, they're for me."

New Girl turns beet red and starts stammering. I end up having to ring up the sale because New Girl hits so many wrong keys that her register freezes up on her. I apologize profusely because New Girl can no longer talk. As I said, this customer was so sweet and polite. He didn't hold it against us.

Needless to say, New Girl only lasted a couple more weeks before she quit.

I, on the other, got a boatload of material for stories out of this job. *grin*

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Love is a universal need, but the expression of love comes in many different forms. I hope that where ever you are this Valentine's Day, you are getting exactly what you need, whether it be chocolate and flowers or handcuffs and lube.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Book Is Published

Tonight, I uploaded my book, Tied By Lust. It's the first in the Secrets series about four friends. Each woman hides something from the others, believing they will condemn her salacious desires. But they have far more in common than they realize.


Four friends. Four secrets. One dare.

Alicia Thomas finally told her friends the reason she divorced her husband—she caught him in his office, naked, a ball gag in his mouth while a prostitute spanked his lily-white ass. But she can’t admit her own fantasy—being at the total mercy of her ex’s gorgeous boss, Richard Brand.

Then in a chance encounter one stormy night, Richard offers to make Alicia’s desires come true. Alicia learns not only to submit to Richard, but his friends as well, and she glories in every minute. But can she abandon her new life when she discovers that Richard’s games have more to do with revenge on her ex-husband than Richard’s desire for her?

***Warning! This story is meant for readers 18 years of age and over. It contains scenes of male domination, spanking, bondage, oral sex, anal sex, and group sex.

Novella, 22,000 words or approx. 75 pages.

Tied By Lust is currently available through:
Barnes & Noble
XinXii - Mobi version
XinXii - EPub version