Saturday, June 18, 2016

New Release! Cupid's Arrow

Right after I uploaded Cupid's Arrow to various retailers, I came down with the most horrendous flu I've ever experienced. So this announcement is a tad late.

On the plus side, Amazon has a nifty new app where you can read a preview of the book right here without downloading a bloody thing.

So what is the story about?

A cupid shooting another immortal with an arrow of Love was stupid and dangerous, so Galen fully expected to be punished by his grandmother, the goddess Aphrodite, after he shot Jack Frost. What he didn’t expect was Grandmother to strip his wings and powers, then dump him stark naked in the middle of Detroit’s coldest winter on record.

As a social worker, Cassie Stamos has a thing for hard luck cases. However, the naked hot guy who stumbles into her life isn’t the typical homeless man she deals with, though Galen Erotes may be just as crazy. Or she thinks so until he introduces her to a talking reindeer.

She knows she can never be a part of his world, but has the kiss she stole from him already condemned him to the mortal realm forever?