Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bound By Desire Is Now Available

What? You all believed I was frolicking on the beach with Daniel and Pierce since the release of Tied by Lust last February?

Tut, tut, my lovelies! I've been toiling away on my little stories for your wicked pleasure because I adore you! Then there is the matter of properly training the new, very gorgeous and very blond, editor I recently employed. Of course, it doesn't help when I literally must place the boys in leashes to keep them from showing their affection for said young lady. *sigh*

To alert my fair readers, I must state that Bound By Desire is far darker than my usual merry wont. Not only is Ryan the proverbial tortured hero, poor Micki has been through far more agony and it has affected her more deeply than her friends realize.

Four friends. Four secrets. One dare.

Not even Officer Micki Donovan’s closest friends know the truth about her dead partner—Lee was also her lover. When Alicia issues her dare to find a hot guy for some hot sex, Micki sees the challenge as permission to move on with her life. And she already has her eyes on a target—Army Lt. Ryan Caulfield.

Micki soon discovers Ryan has scars from his own past. While Micki’s perfectly willing to give him the compassion and understanding he needs to heal, she’s reluctant to accept the same from Ryan. Can Micki stop blaming herself for Lee’s death, or will the memory of a dead man come between her and her chance for happiness?

Novella, approximately 27,500 words or 92 printed pages

Available at the following book retailers:

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