Friday, November 22, 2013

The Second Pornocalypse Rages On!

Amazon banned To Punish and Service yesterday. Yes, the story about a school teacher trying to rekindle her sex life with her hot sheriff husband after the birth of their first child. BANNED!

The Pornocalypse started by the British tabloids are still going, and it's getting fucking ridiculous.

Did I think I was immune? Hardly, but this is the story Amazon decides to ban?


Since it's not available on Amazon until I "fix" the problems, which they refuse to specify either, I've made To Punish and Service FREE on Smashwords through Cyber Monday, aka December 2nd.

Have you already bought To Punish and Service? Stay tuned! I'll be running more promos through New Year's Day!

Because married people having sex isn't the only thing of mine Amazon has banned...

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